Peace with God

Mathnawi IV: 2569-2571

2569 Moses said (to Pharaoh), "The third [promise from God to
you, if you repent] is a two-fold kingdom of this world and the
next (which is) free from enemies and opponents --

2570 (Far) greater than the kingdom which you now possess. For
that (kingdom) was (the one you've had) in (a state of) war (against
God), and this (kingdom is what you will have when) in (a state of)
peace (with God).1

2571 "(In regard to) the One who gives you such a kingdom (when
you are) in (a state of) war (with Him) -- see how He will place a
tablecloth [covered with abundant Divine favors when you are] in
(a state of) peace (with Him)!"

--From "The Mathnawî-yé Ma`nawî" [Rhymed Couplets of
Deep Spiritual Meaning] of Jalaluddin Rumi.
Translated from the Persian by Ibrahim Gamard (with
gratitude for R. A. Nicholson's 1930 British translation)
Ibrahim Gamard (translation, footnotes, & transliteration)
First published on "Sunlight" (, 5/16/02

Notes on the text, with line number:

1(2570) in (a state of) peace (with God): "(It means), "But if you
make peace with God Most High and you become one who accepts
the Oneness of God [muwaHHid], your enemies will become your
friends. And presently, I who am your enemy will become your
friend.'" (Anqaravi, the 17th century Turkish commentator,
translated here into English from a Persian translation)


2569 goft mûsà ân sewom mulk-é dô-tô
dô jahânî khâliS az khaSm-o `adû

2570 bêsh-tar z-ân mulk k-aknûn dâsht-î
k-ân bod andar jang-o în dar âshtî

2571 ân-ke dar jang-at chon-ân mulkê deh-ad
be-n'gar andar SulH khwân-at chûn neh-ad?

(mathnawi meter: XoXX XoXX XoX)