The Sermons

This is a collection of seven of Rumi's sermons, entitled, "Majâlis- é Sab`a (literally, "seven sessions"), commonly known as his "Sermons." The sermons begin with a prayer in Arabic, then an "intimate prayer" [mûnâjât] in Persian. Sometimes Rumi quotes verses from earlier sufi poets (such as Sanâ'î and `Attâr), as well as from his own poetry. There are also occasional short stories (of which some are in the Masnavi).1

Persian Editions

The best edition was made by Tôfîq Sobhânî (1986), based on the oldest manuscript (in Konya, Turkey, dated 1352).

English Translations

The entire book of sermons is still not translated in full. So far, only one short sermon (the Sixth) has been translated-- by Franklin Lewis.2 William Chittick translated one short excerpt (of a paragraph in length) and three long excerpts excerpts (of one to one and a half pages in length).3


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